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Welcome to the

Zambia Federation Of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD)

Facilitating unity, building capacity, and networking disability organizations for positive change.

What we do

“We exist to facilitate the unification, capacity building and effective and efficient networking of disability organisations in Zambia as instruments of positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities and in society”.

Our Core Values:

Human Rights and Freedom:

As a rights based Organisations, ZAFOD’s work is anchored on the belief that “all humans are born free and equal in rights and dignities. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act in a spirit of brotherhood. This core value is the foundation of democracy, freedom and peace in the world, and as ZAFOD, we are determined to see that world created.

Collective Excellence:

ZAFOD promotes inclusiveness in its work, diversity of ideas and collective responsibility. As the mother body of disability organisations in Zambia, ZAFOD will champion the motto: ‘we are stronger in unity’; and by supporting each other as persons with disabilities, we can attain the best outcomes for our constituencies.

Transparency & Accountability:

As ZAFOD, we strive to demonstrate the highest level of accountability and transparency in all our work. We promote accountability and transparency as key to sustainable development and to the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities.


This core value means the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. As ZAFOD, we believe that integrity is everything we need to succeed in our work; to attain the confidence from all stake holders and actualize our vision.

Creativity and innovation:

As ZAFOD If a new idea comes up that seems to add to our efficiency or effectiveness, it will be included in our work. We do not purely stick to old ways but are actively stimulating creativity.


ZAFOD has a heart for its work, and it wants others to feel its energy and enthusiasm when they engage


The Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) website! Established in 1985 and officially registered in 1986 under the Zambia Council for the Handicapped, ZAFOD plays a crucial role as a national umbrella organization for Civil Society Organisations dedicated to advocating for the rights of Persons With Disabilities. Our mandate includes promoting and protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities, enhancing the capacity of affiliated Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), conducting impactful research for advocacy, and raising awareness about barriers hindering meaningful participation in public life. In 2009, ZAFOD renewed its registration under the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities, aligning with the Disability Act of 1996. Explore our platform for valuable insights, resources, and updates on our collective efforts towards an inclusive and empowered community.


Vision and Mission:

We desire a society in which persons with disabilities are no longer viewed as objects of charity and medical care, but as subjects of engagement and full and effective participation in public life on an equal basis with others. ZAFOD’s main goal, in actualising the above vision, will be to dismantle all existing barriers for persons with disabilities, so that they too can enjoy their fundamental human rights, freedom and dignity…and for us, dignity is not negotiable!


“ZAFOD envisions a society where persons with disabilities enjoy equal rights, dignity and opportunities with others; that are generally and specifically available in society and are necessary for the fundamental elements of living and development”.


“We exist to facilitate the unification, capacity building and effective and efficient networking of disability organisations in Zambia as instruments of positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities and in society”.

key Disability Performance Outcomes:

- Persons with disability enjoy their inherent Human Rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity and can participate fully in public life on Equal Basis with others
-Persons with disabilities have legal capacity, live their lives and make decisions independently.

Funding Partners

ZAFOD collaborates with diverse funding partners committed to empowering people with disabilities in Zambia. These partnerships fuel initiatives that enhance accessibility, promote inclusion, and advance the rights of individuals with disabilities. The support from funding partners enables ZAFOD to create positive, lasting impacts on the disability community.

Some Insights

Join us in fostering inclusion and empowerment for persons with disabilities. Your support matters. Together, let’s create a community where everyone thrives, breaking barriers and championing a world of equality. Reach out, stand with us, and be a catalyst for positive change.