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Zambia Federation Of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD)

Facilitating unity, building capacity, and networking disability organizations for positive change.

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Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD) is a national umbrella Civil Society Organisations of and for Persons with Disabilities, whose mandate is to advocate for the promotion and protection of the rights of Persons With Disabilities; strengthen the capacity of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) affiliated to ZAFOD and disability networks countrywide; carry out research to feed into advocacy work and raise awareness on barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from meaningful participation in public life. ZAFOD was formed in 1985 and registered in 1986 under the Zambia Council for the Handicapped (ZCH). In 2009, ZAFOD renewed its registration under the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities(ZAPD), after the enactment of the Disability Act Number 33 Section 14 (b) of 1996.

Visiaon, Mission Statement and Core Values

Empowering through integrity, our mission shapes a visionary, inclusive future.

Our Vision

“ZAFODenvisionsasocietywherepersonswithdisabilitiesenjoyequalrights,dignityandopportunitieswith others;thataregenerallyandspecificallyavailableinsocietyandarenecessaryforthefundamentalelements of living and development”.

Mission Statement

“We exist to facilitate the unification, capacity building and effective and efficient networking of disability organisations in Zambia as instruments of positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities and in society”.

Human Rights and Freedom:

As a rights based Organisations, ZAFOD’s work is anchored on the
belief that “all humans are born free and equal in rights and dignities. They are endowed with reason
and conscience and should act in a spirit of brotherhood. This core value is the foundation of
democracy, freedom and peace in the world, and as ZAFOD, we are determined to see that world

Collective Excellence:

ZAFOD promotes inclusiveness in its work, diversity of ideas and collective
responsibility. As the mother body of disability organisations in Zambia, ZAFOD will champion the
motto: ‘we are stronger in unity’; and by supporting each other as persons with disabilities, we can
attain the best outcomes for our constituencies.

Transparency & Accountability:

As ZAFOD, we strive to demonstrate the highest level of
accountability and transparency in all our work. We promote accountability and transparency as key to
sustainable development and to the promotion and protection of the rights of persons with disabilities.


This core value means the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and
uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. As ZAFOD, we believe
that integrity is everything we need to succeed in our work; to attain the confidence from all
stakeholders and actualize our vision.

Creativity and innovation:

As ZAFOD If a new idea comes up that seems to add to our efficiency or
effectiveness, it will be included in our work. We do not purely stick to old ways but are actively
stimulating creativity


ZAFOD has a heart for its work, and it wants others to feel its energy and enthusiasm
when they engage

ZAFOD Organogram

Funding Partners

ZAFOD collaborates with diverse funding partners committed to empowering people with disabilities in Zambia. These partnerships fuel initiatives that enhance accessibility, promote inclusion, and advance the rights of individuals with disabilities. The support from funding partners enables ZAFOD to create positive, lasting impacts on the disability community.

Our Team

Meet our dynamic team, a blend of talents and perspectives. United by a common goal, we’re dedicated to delivering excellence. Explore the faces behind our innovative solutions and collective success.

Justine Bbakali

Federal Director

Mr. Justine Bbakali is a self-motivated individual known for working effectively with minimal supervision and excelling as a team builder. Renowned for innovative thinking and implementing progressive ideas, Bbakali has a background as a capacity builder and a dedicated advocate for the disability movement. Currently serving as the Federal Director for the Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD), Justine brings a wealth of experience from previous roles. From 2001 to 2011, they contributed significantly to Action on Disability and Development (ADD), progressing from Development Officer to Program Manager. Justine’s early career involved teaching and leadership positions at Mazabuka School for Continued Education (1997-2001) and Makeni Secondary and Teachers Training College (1994-1997), highlighting a commitment to education and leadership. Their diverse experiences showcase a dedication to excellence and continuous personal and professional growth.

Misheck Mutamba

Program Manager

isheck Mutamba is a highly motivated and skilled Zambian professional, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies and a Diploma in Agricultural Education. With an impressive 29-year career in education and development work, Misheck’s journey reflects a diverse and impactful trajectory. Early in their career, they spent a combined 9 years as an Agriculture Science and Biology teacher in Zambia and Botswana. Subsequently, Misheck served CARE International for 8 years, initially as an M&E Officer and later as a Provincial Coordinator for the Partnership for Integrated Social Marketing (PRISM) health project. A 5-year tenure followed at Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS), where they held roles as M&E and Field Office Manager. Briefly contributing to Save the Children International (SCI) as an Emergency School Feeding Officer, Misheck now serves as the Programs Manager at the Zambia Federation of Disability Organisations (ZAFOD).

Derick Sinyangwe

Finance & Admin Manager

Derrick, a fully ZICA registered accountant, possesses comprehensive training in accounting and administration, coupled with a profound understanding of financial and administrative requirements. Currently, he adeptly manages a diverse portfolio of projects as a Sub-Grantee, collectively exceeding USD 500,000.00 annually. These projects span various sponsors, including EU through Sight Savers International, USAID through the National Democratic Institute, and the German Government’s BMZ. Additional affiliations involve Christian Blind Mission and Save the Children International. With a professional trajectory spanning over 6 years in development work, Derrick has progressed from a Finance Assistant to his current position as Finance and Administration Manager. Beyond his developmental roles, he brings valuable experience in customer service, drawing from a background as a Sales Consultant and Loan Officer in the banking sector.

Nick Zele


Amanda Grey

PR Management

Greg Silmer


Rossa Pelmar


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